The City that Never Sleeps went a Week without a Murder, but What is up with That Handbag Fetus? Here is this week’s wackiness.


It has been a bit of an odd week. Government officials were acting bratty while the populace held back its murderous impulses.  However, there were some wacked out thoughts put out there.   Weiner in an interview noted that he was without a soul. Such a declaration, while appearing true to many, took many by surprise in how sad it was.  Other new s had us wondering what secrets our past held and what the future would bring. Here is hoping to a brighter week ahead.


1. New York City: Went a week without a murder. It’s the second week this year the city’s been murder-less. In January, during a cold spell, the city went nine days without a murder. Can this now put to rest those stereotypes about New York City being so dangerous.

2. Teenaged Victoria Secret Shoplifter. Well, so much for New York City not…

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Smile and your soul will be kind


I cannot promise others will smile in return
But I can promise you will feel a joyous burn

For it will be your armor against the venom darts
That the embittered will wrongly aim at your heart

For in the darkest, stormiest hour
You will be empowered

Even when ugly thoughts race through your mind
Your soul will be kind

Its ok to do, even in New York
For you shall not be ignored ever more

For your dimpled cheeks and rumpled nose
Shine a bright light onto any old crow

For I will always smile with you
My little boy true


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But your her mother..

Breaking the cycle is what we are supposed to be doing not following the cycle.. Being a parent doesn’t come with a hand book when we have kids.. We tend to do what comes natural to us.. We also tend to forget children only learn what they are taught.. Being a mother your supposed to guide and nurture your kids. I guess I just dont understand how some people in this world can be so cruel, vindictive, evil, selfish etc…and with no remorse what so ever.. I’ve grown up with a mother that no words can describe. But I’m thankful she has shown me everything I do and don’t want to be in my life.. Because I am her daughter..

Why we do the things we do..

Why is it that we will sacrifice our happiness for the people we choose to have in our lives?? Why is it that we will keep trying and trying even though every time your right back where you started from ( 10 yrs later) still trying to fix something that was damaged not just broken.. Broken things can be fixed but when it’s damaged you can’t fix it. Specially when it’s only you trying to fix the damaged pieces at least the ones you broke.. Really when it comes down to it they’re choices.. Right!!

I remember when this was all fields

Wait until next year

Computer-generated images of man on phone, talking, at desk

Jonathan Franzen is telling us what he thinks is wrong with the modern world. Rebecca Solnit sees the changes to our world post-internet as profound and troubling. These are two recent examples of the personal essay as a wail against life today, particularly life with technology, the internet, etc. Both these articles, at least to some extent, look back to supposedly halcyon days and see technology etc as the destroyers of an idyllic past.

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The psychology of angry workplace staff: it’s like an old school tennis match


When you walk the streets of New York you should avoid eye contact with all people. Avoid eye contact with the crazies, the self-talkers, and even the handsome model types for those will turn on you faster than women can line up for a Prada sample sale or they can rush into a Filene’s Basement running of the brides sale. There are a lot of angry people walking the streets of New York. Mind you it is not that there are more angry people in New York. Did you see the study that said the happiest tweets come from Times Square in New York City? I am absolutely convinced that there are angrier populations throughout the United States such as Longview, Texas or Rockford, Illinois.  Even our politicians pay heed to the anger. Congressman, Bernie Sanders made headline news last year, when he stated that the American people are…

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